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    Okay, I get this weird glitch.. I don't know why, but this totally bugs the crap outa me.. It just looks plain horrible.

    The bubble is off center or off color.. It looks just bad and cheap.

    I don't know if it's something installed, but I've restarted luna several times, and turned it off and on. Nothing worked.
    Please help?

    Since the forum will not let me post a image (10 posts or less....) I put it in the Reason for editing.
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    Here is another SMS glitch that got introduced with webOS 2.x.x :

    When you have several text messages in a chat thread, the normal behaviour is that the last message is displayed in the main page of the Messaging app. The problem, is if you delete the alst message fro ma thread, the main page continues to display the last message in the listing of that thread.
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