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    A crack appeared on my Palm Pixi, rendering my touchscreen completely useless. I've been able to maneuver my way around just using the keyboard for calling people and what not until i use my upgrade next week to get a different phone...Question though...does anyone know how to view a text message that comes in? I am able to get to the main screen for messaging, and it shows a new message but i can't figure out how to open the actual message??
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    Can someone at least tell me if it's possible? I just need to read one message haha..
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    Sorry to hear this. I lost my screen as well, and was able to use just type to bring up terminal that I already installed from Preware. After that I copied the palm database files to get to old messages all from the keyboard. I got a $50 pixi plus and replaced the screen, and in hindsight, that was easier to do if all I wanted was the old data.
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    I wish I could do that, I cant get past the lock screen. I have my lock screen password protected and cannot find a way to get past it. I too am waiting for my new Pixi to change the screen and digitizer since I don't want to go thru the trouble of syncing all of my contacts/notes and tasks from my current phone to another one. Truthfully, don't know if I'd be able to do it anyway because I can't get past the lock screen.
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    Bo cant you just use the keyboard to input the PIN number? I just tried it and it works.
    I cant get past the drag to unlock on my wife's newly cracked pixi. i was able to download the memos from the db file. Happy about that. If anyone needs instructions let me know.

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