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    Hey i think i want to get a palm pixi plus and i found this one on amazon for like 40$

    (just google the quotes to see the product because i cant post links yet they are both on amazon)

    " Palm Pixi Plus Verizon Cell Phone ~ No Contract: The OEM Shop"

    Buuuuutttttt, i don't have verizon i have att so i was wondering if i can unlock it and just slide an att sim card in. I don't think i can because i did some research and Verizons network is cdma and att is gsm or something but i just want to be sure. If that doesn't work im guessing that this would be nice but its a little pricey for my range at 80$.

    " Palm Pixi Plus GSM with WebOS, Touch Screen, 2 MP Camera and Wi-Fi - Unlocked Phone - US Warranty - Black: Cell Phones & Accessories"

    I also read of someone putting ANDROID on the palm so i thought if i got the 40$ one then did that then id have a cheap little android device

    Thank you for reading this and helping!
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    No, you cannot put a CDMA phone on a GSM network. Verizon (and Sprint) phones do not use SIM cards.

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