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    I just bought an unlocked Pixi plus off ebay, and I can't believe what I was missing out on. This thing is incredible. The only problem is that the App Catalog says it won't open when I try to. Anyone know of any fix? I won't have a SIM card for another few weeks; it won't be US.
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    When you first turned on the phone, did it take you through the whole initial setup (starting with making you select a language)?

    I had the same problem with an unlocked pixi that I bought. I ended up doing a full erase, after which it started the initial setup program. I went through that (created palm profile, etc), and then after it FORCED me to go through the tutorial, it started up and I had full access to the app catalog.

    HOWEVER -- if you do not have an active data plan, you won't be able to get through that setup. If you have a friend with a SIM card who has an active data plan, you can use their SIM just for this setup and then give it back to them. That's the easy way.

    The more difficult way if you don't know someone with a gsm data plan is something you'll have to find instructions for from someone else. I do have a data plan on my SIM so I didn't have to learn how to do it the hard way.

    Also, I have no idea if a non US SIM would make a difference as far as accessing the app catalog... I am pretty new to the pixi world myself, so I'm not even close to an expert. There could be a lot of variables that I don't know about.
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    It turns out I don't have a SIM yet, and I have no one to borrow from.
    I've been trying the bypass tool and all the patches, but it still won't let me make my profile.
    Could you please make me a profile through your own First Use App? I'll message you.
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    I wish I could, but I've just spent the last 2 weeks setting up the phone exactly how I want it... the only way I know to get the first use app back is to do another full erase. Even if I could get the program to run without doing a full erase, it would mess up my own phone settings.. so, I'm sorry, I can't do that.

    What about trying to go to an at&t or tmobile store and asking the people who work there if they have any sim cards you can use for a few minutes? I'd try at&t first, since it was initially their phone.. you never know, it's worth a try.
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    Ok, thanks anyway.
    I'll try it, but I don't know if I'll have enough time before I leave.
    Is there anyone out there who can create a profile for me? I'm thinking of going over to Best Buy or one of the stores and just creating a profile on their live ones.
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    So, i have the same problem. I live in another country, i want to buy a Pixi Plus unlocked.
    Everything would works perfect, except the App Catalog.
    I think something, if i buy a SIM Card for AT&T on Amazon (2$), and activate with that?
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    FYI, I have an unlocked Pixi Plus running in Canada, and the app catalogue works perfectly.
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    I read in another forums of WebOS, the App Catalogue works without problem for USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Brazil, UK, Dutchland and another one that i don't remember.

    Im not fron any of those countries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradleyj View Post
    FYI, I have an unlocked Pixi Plus running in Canada, and the app catalogue works perfectly.
    Hey BradleyJ, I'm in Canada too, bu nothing app store. I don't have any data dod you figure out your stuff?

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