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    I am totally a newbie to iphones, palms, etc. so please bear w/ me
    I will be going to Israel for a few weeks. To access WiFi there (& here), I bought a palm pixi plus at&t, advertised as unlocked from 1saleaday. To see if it was unlocked & if I could access WiFi (still in the US), I popped in a new at&t sim card, turned on the phone. The phone displayed the message that I must contact AT&T & have the phone activated first before use.

    A few questions:
    Can I use the phone as I had hoped (to access WiFi) & how can I do it
    or must it be activated first?
    Did my popping in the AT&T sim card & turning on the phone lock the phone?
    Is there any way to determine if the phone came locked?
    Would it make a difference if I used an sim card from Israel? Must it be activated in Israel or can I access WiFi w/o activation?

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    hello from Israel :-)

    i'm almost sure that your pixi+ is locked otherwise it wouldn't ask to activate with at&t but basically, if you want wifi
    you don't need network signal and wifi is the
    same all over the world, it should work anywhere.

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