First thing i want to clear is it necessary while making a fresh palm profile with the edge on .do i need the same sim on whose gprs/edge i made the first palm profile
Can't i change the sim after it which doesn't has gprs after making palm profile on some othersim which has gprs

How to make fresh palm profile after webos 1.4.5 update from 1.4.0 as the new palm profile which i made after updating still shows os 1.4.0, how to delete that?

Does palm pixi behave diffrently in sending sms with prepaid and post paid connections.I noticed only one diffrence the postpaid one shows voice mail number automatically and gets automatic gprs apn while prepaid doesn't .while both have gprs activated via carrier on their respective sim numbers

I get error -98 or -96 while sending sending sms on prepaid connection on gsm airtel india