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    I'm a soldier who just PCS'd to Korea and I brought my Sprint Pixi and my old Treo Pro 850 along w/. How can I get either of them to work over here? I know alot of phones here use sim cards and I don't see one in either of the phones I have. I really love using my Pixi because I can open multiple pages and the qwerty keyboard is just right, unlike the Sony Ericsson Xperia U20i that I just bought from a shop at the Dragon Hill Lodge in Yonsan.

    Can anyone help? I'm even looking into possibly buying a Pixi Plus or a Pre2.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey man, not entirely sure but from what I can make out from Google..

    From the sounds of it you opened up your Pixi and there wasn't a SIM card in it? Which means you have a CDMA phone.
    Korea, I think, only has CDMA networks.
    The downside to CDMA networks, compared with SIM card (GSM) networks, is that phones are registered to the networks and because yours is from another country obviously it isn't registered on the networks there.

    So it looks like your only option is to buy a phone over there and it sounds like you already have. Sorry I couldn't give you happier news. Maybe somebody else will know something I don't!
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    sorry but getting someone to activate cdma is an issue
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    Korea either uses UMTS 2100 or CDMA 1800.

    So the only webOS phones that work are Euro Pres, Pixis and the Veer.
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