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    Hi all!

    Some Chinese Developers of android mipad device have modded the original ADOBE FLASH 10.1 APP for android and made it compatible for most ARMv6 and ARMv7 ( arm 11 family ) devices. xttp:// (sorry i cannot post links)

    Can it help to get Flash Player on Pixi?

    P.S. Sorry for my poor english
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    It has to be packaged in .ipk formats.
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    nice find. maybe someone'll be able to do something with it. I extracted the files from the .apk, but how to "decompile them" i have no clue. I wonder if the source code is somewhere. Knowing where it came from, i'd venture a guess and say no. Then again, they did technically rip into adobe's code and hack i'm not sure of the legality of it all.
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    I tried to just put the from this package in the browser plug-ins folder. But it did not work
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    Maybe webos-internals could do something? But this is technically illegal...
    My Pixi *Plus* can handle the "new features" of WebOS 2

    Your 2.1 Pixi is only 15 minutes away:

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