Wanted to make a thread for future reference for people having this issue with their keyboard backlights like I just did before I figured out what was wrong.

I would start my Pixi and the keyboard backlight would be on but then when I would press the power button to shut off the screen and then press the power button again to wake it back up the keyboard backlight would shut off and wouldn't come back on. Hard to type in the dark without a backlit keyboard

I figured out it was the fact that whenever I had any program, in this case Quick System Tasks, running in the background and turned the screen off and on it would shut down the keyboard backlight. This was true for any application running in the background such as Brightness Unlinked application as well.

When I mean "running in the background" I mean at the very bottom of your screen theres a small icon in the bottom right that you can click on which will bring up the application.

This drove me nuts for about an hour until I figured out what was going on and wanted to save others in the future frustration.

Hope this helps someone