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    As per the title, I would like to purchase a BLACK Touchstone back cover for a Palm Pixi. I have a TouchStone, plug and USB lead. I just need the Pixi back cover.

    Does anyone have an old or spare one laying around that they no longer require? Or can get a new black one somewhere?

    I can pay immediately by PayPal (inc P&P). PM me offers.

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    I'm in the UK and can't buy from - don't have any.

    I'm watching a couple on eBay (UK), but I'd rather give my money to regular users here if possible. Plus some of the postage costs are just silly - more than the cost of the item. I'm happy to buy from the US (my Pixi and Pre Plus came from the US), but hoped for more sensible prices for P&P.

    [EDIT] Sorted. Boughted. Cheers chaps.
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