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    So I have a friend that I run into once in awhile. We got talking about phones the other day and he whipped out his Pixi in disgust - "dude! You gotta tell me what phone to get next. I %$#@&% hate this phone!!! look how slow it is!!!" He then opened up the contacts app and showed me how long it takes for the app to open. He couldn't stand that every time he wanted to call or text, he'd have to wait through the contacts app launching.

    Point taken. Pre and Pixi were never speed champs and I regard my Pre- to be barely "acceptable" to use after patching it up and OC'ing it.

    I then said "you know about Just Type right?" and show it to him. He was amazed. I wasn't sure Just Type would bring up the contacts any faster than going through the contacts app but it did. Kudos Just Type, you're everyone's favorite feature.

    That said, I told him we'll do a little operation on his Pixi and OC it. So here's my question - I'm a Pre- user but hardly have any Pixi knowledge. I have my phone OC'ed and patched up pretty well (Sconix patches, UI patches done via webOS Quick Install, and other tweakers). Besides overclocking, are there any Pixi-specific patches that are must-installs? Or what are the popular patches? And I'm gussing there's UberKernal avail for Pixi too? Thanks.
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    first show him how to "just type" to find contacts rather than opening the contact app.

    then install prepare and uberkernel. He will thank you.
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    there are some great patches for the pixi too. Definitely get preware, uberkernel abd govnah. If he is a heavy user like most of us are then he'll appreciate ubercalender app launcher advanced config and advanced system prefs also. Smooth scrolling is also a good patch as well as glass effect. I would probably stay away from warthog kernel, uberkernel seems much more stable in my experience.
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    Yeah the OC should do it for him. There are several other threads about which patches people recommend, so look for those.
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    Warthog is better than Uber kernel and I would say preware, and Govnah.

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