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    I bought my Pixie (WebOS) this week. Somehow I deleted a Section (which contained Facebook, MySpace, Amazon and two other app) from my Pixie. Honestly, I dont know what I deleted but its gone.

    1. Does anyone know how I can get that back?
    2. Does anyone know how to restore a phone so it would be like the day I bought it?
    3. Where can I download Facebook, Amazon or Tweet App?

    Note1: App download does not have Facebook or Amazon apps
    Note2: App download has 20 tweet apps, which one do I need?

    Thank you.
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    Facebook is back. I'll have to check to see if Amazon is there.

    My favorite twitter app is phnx, but carbon is just as good. That's just my opinion though and I'm not a heavy tweeter.
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    Thanks elslunko.
    I now got Facebook and look for others.

    I am trying to learn how these apps interact with smartphone, that is all.
    Once again, thank you.
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    I use carbon, best app for twitter in my opinion

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