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    I know I am behind everyone else finding out about the Palm Pixi free hotspot feature with Verizon, and I got burnt on that.

    About a week ago I heard about this phone for the first time. It sounded great and I probably read through the reviews and features for over 4 hours. Two days later I decided to go ahead and buy one (less than $50 on Amazon right now). Being new to Palm devices, it was a little tricky to figure out the activation, but I muddled through it. Then I called Verizon to activate. I was previously on the $9.99 data plan and needed to upgrade to the $30 2GB plan (because I didn't upgrade prior to July 7 to the unlimited plan for the same cost). I was fine with that because my whole intention was to use the FREE hotspot and get rid of my $45 a month home internet line.

    First the Verizon rep said the free hotspot was no longer offered, then she said it was, then it wasn't. I have played the Verizon game before so I said 'thank you' and called back a few hours later to talk to someone else. She also told me it was not offered. When I mentioned I had looked for several hours about them discontinuing this offer and found nothing and I would like to know where I could find it, she simply said "if you can't find it, it's probably not out there and we are the only ones that know about it".

    Today I got on my account online and went to the Features. They show me as having the $30 2GB data plan. Then I scrolled through all of my other available features. Towards the bottom is a 'live option' for me to add 3G Mobile Hotspot for FREE. (This is in a separate area from any data plan option). I tried to add it, it let me and then said I needed to call Verizon to have them add it. I called. I was told it can't be done. They connected me to a tech who searched and finally told me the following:

    "After July 7, 2011 the FREE hotspot feature with the Palm Pixi is no longer available with the new tiered data plans. IF you had unlimited data before I think you can still use it, but any new Verizon customer or any customer that changes their data to the new tier plan cannot use the FREE hotspot". The fact that it is listed as a free feature in your account makes no difference.

    Just thought I would let anyone that is considering this phone know in advance that it might not be what you are looking for. Cute phone- nice graphics, simple keyboard, but no hotspot anymore for new Verizon customers or for those upgrading data plans.

    Now which phone should I switch too??
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    switch to the Pre2
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    Also no free hotspot.
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    If the policy change affects the Pre2 as well though, wouldn't it make sense just to install the FreeTether app on the Pixi, and use that instead of the Mobile HotSpot app Verizon provides?

    My understanding is that when using FreeTether for hotspot tethering, the carrier will see your data usage as plain "smartphone usage", rather than counting it as "hotspot usage".
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    Can't say I am surprised. I'll have yo check and see if I still have with my unlimited plan. To be honest, I've never used it. I just use free tether to not establish a "pattern" of hotspot use, so when I get another phone and refuse to pay $20 more to tether, VZW won't be surprised. Yes, free tether does get treated as "regular" data.
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    Just use FreeTether

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