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    I just recently bought a Brand New Palm Pixi Plus off Amazon. I bought the phone mainly to use for wifi. I found out really quick that I could not use the App Catalog to download Apps such as a barcode scanner. Is there anything I can do to get the App Catalog to work without having to activate the phone with a service plan? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
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    You can activate it for a minute then return the SIM (or on Verizon switch the account online) back to your main phone (or even a friend's account) - nothing crazy or scary about it. It's what I did with my Verizon Pixi+ ... & what I might do with a Veer (albeit with an AT&T SIM) if I can get one inexpensive enough on eBay
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    Wow, Thank you so much, "GuyfromNam." I just downloaded the patches off preware and it worked. Now I can use the app catalog. Once again thank you!
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    I have ordered the same phone from Amazon, I plan on using it in my Country (Costa Rica), with the main Carrier (ICE) which I believe uses the same AT&T frequencies. I may figure this out until the phone arrives, but does anyone know if:

    1- I might run into problems if the device has not been activated and I try to activate/make the palm profile with my current costa rica SIM, even if it has a data plan?

    2-Should I make the activation bypass and enable the app catalog by wifi first and later activate the phone?

    3-should I be able to use the Impostah app


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