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    Hello everyone
    Yesterday i recieved my new AT&T Palm Pixi Plus, i was really excited but i live outside us and couldn't pass activation, without custom rom, The phone works well for now except the wifi, it just doesn't work. I did a quick test which gave me Code 25 for the wifi and Code 20 for modem. I kinda know how to fix the modem, just need to edit the CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 file. But what about the wifi?
    Any suggestions?
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    Tried another network wifi works like a charm and fixed beeline edge with editing db.
    Everything works like it should be!
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    how did you fix your error code 20 modem problem. I am facing same problem.
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    I have an AT&T Pixi Plus as well, how did you manage to sign into your profile and use the phone? I live outside the US atm as well. But my palm profile is a USA one.

    Currently when I try to sign in with my profile it will say Sign in Failed, even though Im connected to my carriers data connection. (Edge)

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