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    Hi, I dropped my pixi and now it seems to have a break in the power wires; If I plug it in, it displays "?" even on a full battery. I can sometimes get it to power on, but if bumped slightly, it will power down. I bought a replacement on ebay, only to later find that it has a bad ESN. Can some sort of phone surgery save me?

    In other words, is the ESN on the mother board (where I think the breakage is), or the daughter board?


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    The ESN is on the main board in the phone. The radio board (the one that is easily replaceable, unfortunately) does not contain the ESN. It contains the radios and the SSD that contains the OS, but not the ESN. This is why it is possible to swap radio boards and make a Sprint Pixi a Pixi Plus, because the ESN is not changed. However this is bad news for you.
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    Thanks, I'll see whats possible, given this info. Maybe they'll activate anyway?
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    If the ESN is bad they will definitely not activate it, sorry. You're going to need another phone.

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    I would try swaping the radio board anyways. There are a couple of post on here about how to do so and there's even a youtube video. If I remember right the radio board controls the power/battery. I could be wrong on that, but if you have two phones already it worth a shot unless your phone is still covered under some kinda warrenty. Good luck.

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