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    curious as to what other pixi owners are running as far as homebrew and patches and what are the must have patches. I currently have installed
    send link in sms
    advanced config for app launcher
    advanced system prefs
    animated backgrounds (dont use it tho)
    battery icon and %
    add url to clipboard (youtube)
    heptic feedback
    device temp in fahrenheit
    faster card animations HYPER
    muffle system logging
    palm dark
    smooth scrolling
    unthrottle dl manager
    video downloads
    file manager
    internalz pro

    what do you run and what can't you live without?
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    The one patch I absolutely can't live without is the Per-Contact Call Rejection patch from JackieRipper. I had been using a patch that blocked anyone you put in the "Do Not Answer" contact but I like this one a bit better.

    Other patches:
    Add IMDB
    Add priority discard btns
    Add sync now
    Alarm daily options
    All-day events in month view
    Auto show dialpad for outgoing calls only
    Auto speakerphone via proximity sensor delayed
    Call duration in call log
    Call history during call
    Capture with volume keys
    Character counter (shows number of characters in SMS you are typing)
    Confirm delete (email)
    Copy URL to clipboard
    Ctrl and Enter for new line (messaging)
    Disable charging alert sound
    Enable vibration (calc)
    Hide Nascar app
    Hide NFL app
    History chat balloon color
    Hold tap Context Menu
    Match state to area code
    More reminder alarm times
    No alert during call
    No missed call callback
    Per-contact call rejection
    Power button ends calls except speaker
    Ringer switch icon
    Show app details
    SMS Icon for mobile tagged numbers only
    Timestamps clean

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    I have:
    Smooth Scrolling
    Beeb News
    Fantastic Wallpaper
    Ground Effect (really cool game)
    Actual words instead of Icons
    AM-PM indicator in top bar
    Brightness in Device Menu
    Enable line breaks in SMS
    History Chat balloon color
    Ringer switch icon
    Send memo to text message

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