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    I bought my daughter a Pixi Plus on April 14, and she has cracked the screen as of two days ago, rendering the phone inoperable. I would assume that it is still under warranty, given that I only purchased it three months ago. Anyone know HP's policy for repairing such a thing? Thanks.
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    sprint may consider it abuse. You can pick up a Verizon for $50 off contract and then swap the guts from your Sprint phone to the Verizon one. I just had to do the same thing for mine. You can even swap out radio boards and add wifi to the Sprint Pixi. There are instructions in the forum on how to do that. Sprint may repair it for a $35 fee. I think a warrantee claim isn't gonna fly. Good luck.
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    Her Pixi Plus is the Verizon variety. I was hoping HP might pay for it. I got it for $40 through Daily Steals. I saw one today through Verizon for $45, but I was holding a glimmer of hope that HP might fix it. Thanks for your response.
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