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    I have a quick question about overclocking my Pixi Plus. I followed the steps and am up to the final step in Govnah. The issue is when I tap on "profile," the options that I see are as follows:

    Palm Default

    when I should be seeing:

    Fixed Speed 800
    Fixed Speed 720
    Fixed Speed 600
    UberKernal Default
    Palm Default
    Screenstate 500/800

    Why am I not seeing the second list of options on my phone? Thanks in advance for any guidance you guys can provide.
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    that's the same list I'm presented with on my pixi- running the most current version of govnah. I've been running mine with a custom profile @ 806.4mhz for about a year now with no noticeable issues. Do some searching for other user settings and play around with it to find what works best for your needs. For battery and heat issues I would recommend setting your min frequency any higher than 320mhz though.

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