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    Is the free 3G Mobile Hotspot feature for the Verizon Pixi Plus only valid on new Pixi Plus activation? If one bought a used Pixi Plus would one still receive the free Hotspot feature? Also if one is switching between two phones a pixi plus and another phone, will the free hotpot feature reapply when the pixi plus is reactivated each time? thanks
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    I believe I was told here on these boards that the free MHS is attached to the phone's ESN. So ANY Pixi Plus on Verizon would have the free MHS. Someone else here please confirm!! I bought my Pixi off Daily Steals (New) and had it activated on Verizon (off contract) and I have the free MHS...
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    I hadn't used Hotspot for a month or so and only used it prior for some testing for a trip I am taking. I tried it out today and it worked for about an hour. Then I tried to turn hotspot on again later in the day and a message popped up saying something about my plan had to be enabled to use hotspot. I am on Verizon. After that no device would see the hotspot when I would turn hotspot on. I did a reboot and hotspot looks like it is working again.
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    samsang is just one step behind of apple to grab market of iphone.
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