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    Hello! A few days ago I noticed I wasn't getting any emails (yahoo & gmail) pushed to my Verizon Pixi Plus. I removed both accounts, restarted the phone and added the accounts back. Worked well for a few days and now it's happening again!! What gives?? Any ideas?
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    I'm having the same issue with my Sprint Pre-. I have no idea what is causing it though. It seems to work ok on my wifi network for some reason, but not out in the wild.
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    change the setting from 'when they arrive' (broken) to check every 5 mins. hopefully wont miss any then. I have done that and been happy cause I used to miss so many emails
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    My Yahoo was set to "when they arrive" but my Gmail was set to "every 15"!! I wasnt getting either... I'll try the "every 5" but have a feeling they still wont come.... ugh!
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    I set both accounts to "Every 5 minutes" and it is still not working. Even more curious, I cannot force a sync while in the email program.
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    I know you're not gonna like this but you might want to do a reset. When weird things like this happen I find its a whole lot quicker to do a reset then try to figure out what went wrong. In the end a reset is usually the only answer.
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    I tried resetting, updating PRL and network settings and everything else I can think of. I
    ll try another reset after lunch time, when I am done tethering my TouchPad.
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    I did a battery pull and still nothing. It is acting like it is not detecting my data connection. I have full EV (white letters) and still nothing.
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    Sounds like you did a Restart not a Reset. To do a reset you have to go to "Device Info" and click on "Reset Options"

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