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    Hello all,

    So yesterday the screen on my phone got cracked and wouldn't work... yes, it had a screen protector on.
    I just got my replacement phone and I was trying to apply my last screen protector on it. But, the annoying things they are, it got messed up. Bent and little bits of hair stuck in it because I dropped it on my rug. Plus air bubbles are so annoying to get out.

    I was wondering if it's really all that bad not to have a screen protector? In all honesty, I do think some minor scratches on it would annoy me. But seeing as what happened yesterday, they don't seem to help all that much.
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    I used the Invisible Shield on mine...until today actually. I bought the universal size and cut to fit. The shield itself scratched easily and was not cheap.

    I went without a shield for a while and the screen did scratch a little. Gesturing is much smoother without that type of protector, just realize that the screen will get minor scratches over time....not much you can do about it.

    Also, screen protectors are not made to protect from cracking....just scratches.
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    I have a screen protector on my Pre and it is in a case, but I think the best thing you can do is put your phone in a "sleeve" type case or bag before pocketing it or throwing it in your bag. I'm thinking something like a Golla bag or the Palm sleeping bag, although it is probably too short for the Pixi. I have found that damage doesn't happen when you are using the phone; it happens when you put it away.

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