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    I bought the Hombrew app in the catalog and installed it on my phone using the quick install method. Today, I was hooked into USB mode and cleaning up some files, moving them to other folders etc., and accidentally (I think) deleted something I needed for Preware to work. I had an icon on my phone, that I could tap and it would pull up the catalog. After my little escapade today, it stopped working and would only show what I have installed, not any of the available applications. So in my genius mind, I decided to delete the app itself. I went to try and reinstall preware, but it keeps giving me a "file transfer failed" error. Also, all my patches, applications, etc. that I downloaded still work. Someone help me please......I MUST have this back on my Pixi Plus!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Do you have any more info about the error? (Screenshot?)
    With this info it's hard to tell (at least for me ;-).
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    Thanks somline,
    I figured it out. Just needed to do a system reboot.

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