my pre was stolen yesturday unfortunately.
thankfully i have a pixi that i used before i got my pre
its on the sprint network.

i had the account switched over to my pixi today and it worked.
but it was a little messed up because i haven't recovered my palm profile on it.
I did a full reset and now im trying to sign into my existing profile but for some reason i cant get any 3g signal, when i usually can find a signal somewhere around the house. i even drove around the neighbor hood. I've been getting plenty of bars wherever i go, but no 3g, im worried that i wont be able to sign in and use my pixi.
I don't have money for a new phone.

is there any way i can get around this, using the doctor to get my profile or anything else. possibly fix my 3g radio myself if it happens to be broken?