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    I have a new Pixi Plus and all seems to be working well except for the voicemail. Whenever I get a voicemail I simply get a sms text with some weird "BREW" link but I am unable to click to think? Is there a proper way to set up the voicemail? Thanks.
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    Wouldn't you be able to just simply press the voicemail button in your dial screen to get to the voicemail? That is how I usually end up doing so. Also, whenever I get a voicemail, in the lower right corner above the gesture area, it shows a little cassette tape symbol. If I use that, it loads up the phone dialer and goes to voicemail.

    The Brew is meant for the other phones that have brew capabilities. I would talk with VZW to see if they might need to 'reconfigure' your voicemail settings and set it for your phone since WebOS AFIK doesn't read brew.

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