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    I bought a used Pixi Plus for my son and don't plan to activate it - he's too young to have a cellphone but not too young to have a pocket computer.

    Anyway, when i got it I put it in Recovery Mode, then tried using WOSQI to use the profile bypass patch. Didn't work. Saw that it had OS ver 1.33 or something, so I doctored it.

    Now when it boots up it goes to the activation screen. I can no longer go to recovery mode. I tried connected to the PC. I tried connected to the wall. I tried holding "R" instead of up volume. I tried typing ##USBBYPASS# into the activation screen. All I get is the stupid battery with a question mark symbol.

    I also tried redoctoring it - the computer no longer recognizes that a Pixi is plugged in.

    It may as well be a brick for all the good it will do me if I can't bypass activation. Anyone ever get through this or should I try to return it and eat my shipping costs?
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    First, make sure the battery has a full (or near) charge. Then, the easiest way I've found to get this into recovery mode (with the big USB symbol) is this:

    - Disconnect charging cable and take out battery
    - Plug charging cable into power source (computer or wall outlet)
    - Put battery back in
    - *Then*, while holding the volume up key (tiny little bast@rd), connect the cable to the phone

    It will turn on, you will see the Palm logo for a couple seconds, and then you should see the big USB icon, showing that you are in the correct recovery mode.
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    Thanks, but I've done that and no USB logo appears. Still just a battery icon.

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