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    Hey all, I searched and found issues *similar* to mine, but none that match this one exactly...

    So I have a Verizon-branded Pixi Plus that has never been activated, and decided to wipe it fresh and start over. I used Web Doctor and flashed to Then I ran the Bypass Activation tool and the phone rebooted and started normally. I installed the patch to view and run the First Use application...

    However, First Use asks for language (US English here), and then goes right into dialing Verizon to activate. Previously (I have had this phone for a while and flashed it a few times), I was prompted to create a Palm Profile, which I did over wifi and was able to use the App Catalog. Now, that option never shows up, it just goes straight to activation, which of course fails. I had the App Catalog before (again, I've never activated this phone), and I can't remember how I did it. I didn't use Meta-Doctor or anything before, it just prompted me to create a Palm Profile. Was there an update that changed this?

    Any help guys?

    EDIT: After 100+ views and not a single reply, I looked elsewhere, and found that in the Preware repositories, there is another Patch that solves this issue. It's called "Enable Profile Creation - Activation Bypassed" by Arthur Thornton. Hopefully this will help someone else with this issue. I knew I did it before somehow!
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