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    I'm a total newbiee 2 this forum as I have very recently been introduced to the world of Palm OS via Palm Pixi Plus.An outstanding phone I must say.Now I require help from the forum.
    I have been accessing my yahoo & gmail accounts via the palm since the past few days.Now while trying to configure my office lotus notes traveller client I get an option of downloading the lotus traveller client using either Android or Windows or Symbian OS.I'm in a fix which one to download.Nothing has been mentioned about Palm OS.What to do ?
    Can someone help me out?
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    Hi ash147,

    Pixi plus does not support Lotus Traveler since it has webos Version 1.x , however if I am not mistaken, You can setup your lotus traveler as EAS on a webos 2.1, (e.g. pre 2 unlocked).
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    There's an unofficial way to use an unreleased 2.1 version on tour Pixi. Look in the Pixi forum here.

    It's really slow to actually be usable but you may have some fun with it

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    thanks for the info.if possible can u mention the thread in the forum.

    i am using an unlocked pixi plus outside the U.S.
    Using as EAS means I have to manually configure the email client on my pixi plus ? is my understanding correct?

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