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    Thank you again for all of your assistance with all of my questions, you guys rock!!!!

    ** Somline, you speak wisdom my friend, so I will make sure to post my questions going the appropriate thread(s).

    ** Giggles, yes...the phone is indeed for my son. However, since my wife has a PalmPre and I have friends with Palm Pre/Pixi's as well...I'm also researching on their behalf.

    This is such a great community, I only wish I would have discovered the world of WebOS and HomeBrew much sooner.

    Thank you all so much!!!

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    another app I have recently discovered is "mode switcher" available through preware. This app gives you the ability to run many different modes, for example you can set triggers to perform many different functions, you can turn of any or all of the phone radios, turn data on and off which will dramatically increase battery life. You may also want to read this thread, which gives you some ideas for different useful modes.
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    Music app wise, NanPlayer is def the best performing and best looking. Koto and remix is good to. If you want one that pulls minimal system resources amigo is the way to go.
    ...Did the NanPlayer dev even release the NDA on it? Last I knew, me and everyone else in the closed beta had to keep hush about it.

    I would use Music Player (Remix) for your music needs.
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