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    Did anyone purchase a verizon pixi plus from on Monday (June 6th)? I ordered one, the money has cleared my account, but no shipping info...

    I have contacted them multiple times, no responses yet.

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    When I got my Pixi from a site like this, it took like a week to get the shipping info. But it did happen.
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    Those deal sites aren't the quickest at turn around. I'd say if you order and don't ahve your item in 2 weeks then you should start to contact them to see what's happening.
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    I have had the same experience with dailysteals, icemonkey and 1saleaday - not much communication but everything always showed up in 1-2 weeks.
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    I ordered one since I haven't had a change to play with the Pixi. No shipping info yet.
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    Yes, I've had the same experience with them. Also I've ordered enough from them to know that nothing they sell is ever new, even if they claim it is. They are all refurbs or open box items.
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    I have ordered 2 Pixi's from DS. Both took awhile to arrive BUT the were most definitely NEW!
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    I suppose it should be expected that there are exceptions to the rule. Makes sense that the Pixi would be one. It seems they produced far more than the market ever demanded, so there's a glut of NOS (New Old Stock) Pixis waiting to be sold.

    But still, take it as a warning. Everything sold on that site is cheap for a reason. I bought a Shark steam mop (junk) that I had to repair myself before it could be used, and a "new" DJ Hero bundle (also junk) that has obviously been used and returned.
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    i ordered 2. 1 came today (new) and waiting on the other.
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    I ordered one bout a month ago. Touchscreen is dead already. Second one in 7 months. Sucks azz!

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