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    Hi all,
    So far, we know there is no tool for voice recording on pixi. Is it possible for us to do this? The answer is YES. I find a way to record voice from pixi's MIC. But you should install Terminal from Preware first. Now just type the following command in your Terminal:
    arecord -f cdr -t raw voice.raw
    Now the pixi [plus] is on recording mode. You can also minimize the Terminal to do something else. To stop recording, just active Terminal, type "Sym + c" which is known as "Ctrl + C" on a PC.
    OK, there should be a file in the current directory named "voice.raw". This voice file is a RAW format file with big-endian. We can not play it in our pixi [plus].
    To play it, please just follow these steps:

    Step 1, install optware via Preware if you didn't install it.

    Step 2, install lame. In the Terminal, type:
    ipkg-opt update
    ipkg-opt install lame
    Step 3, converting RAW file to MP3 file. In the Terminal, type:
    lame -r --big-endian voice.raw voice.mp3
    Once done, now you can see voice.mp3 in your current dirctory. Play it!

    I have wrote two shell script to do this easily.
    The "rec" script will record a voice file in RAW format and place it in /media/internal/rec/. The file name would be like "Sat_Jun__4_13-32-14_WST_2011.raw".
    If you have no rec directory in /media/internal, create it:
    mkdir /media/internal/rec
    The "lame" script will convert RAW to MP3.

    Normally, once we launch Terminal, the current directory is /var/home/root .
    So I copy the two script("rec" and "lame") to /var/home/root.
    I also create a symbol link m which targeting to /media/internal/rec:
    ln -s /media/internal/rec /var/home/root/m
    * How to use:
    To record a voice,
    sh rec
    To convert it to mp3 file, (for example)
    sh lame m/Sat_Jun__4_13-32-14_WST_2011.raw
    That all. G00d luck.

    # record voice via MIC into a file(RAW)
    DATETIME=`date | sed -e "s/\ /_/g" | sed -e "s/:/-/g"`
    cd /media/internal/rec/
    echo *Starting to record...
    echo *Recording to $DATETIME.raw
    echo **You may convert .raw file to .mp3/.ogg to play it:
    echo **#lame --big-endian -r $DATETIME.raw $DATETIME.mp3
    echo *To stop recording, press Sym+C
    echo *
    arecord -f cdr -t raw $DATETIME.raw || echo **Getting ERRORs!!! && echo . && exit 1
    # convert .raw to .mp3 audio format.
    echo *File to convert: $1
    if [ $# -gt 1 ]; then
    echo Only one file at a time...
    exit 1
    echo *Converting...
    lame -r --big-endian $1 `echo $1 | awk -F. '{print $1}'`.mp3 && du -ah `echo $1 | awk -F. '{print $1}'`.mp3 || Got ERRORs..
    exit 0
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    Doesn't zcorder have pixi support?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StuntmanMark View Post
    Doesn't zcorder have pixi support?
    Yes, zcorder doesn't work on my pixi plus.
    There was no error to install and launch zcorder.
    But after I tapped the start record button, nothing happened.
    The timer just stayed at 00:00:00 and all buttons on the screen turned disabled.
    I closed zcorder and saw an empty file in /media/internal/recording/

    I think pixi's CPU is not fast enough to convert the stream to MP3 in real-time.

    So, the following command will not work on pixi:
    arecord -f cdr -t raw | lame -r --big-endian - voice.mp3
    But I can use "arecord" to record voice in WAV format.
    arecord -f cd out.wav
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    hi divilis!i’v tested ur method and it works well but cannot record the voice of pixi‘s
    handset when calling someone,do u have any idea about this issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by henheng View Post
    hi divilis!iv tested ur method and it works well but cannot record the voice of pixis
    handset when calling someone,do u have any idea about this issue?
    During a call, press "Handfree" button would work.
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    Thanks a lot! I had to use a different name for the conversion script because for some reason it was calling itself instead of the lame program. I just called it raw2mp3 instead of lame and deleted the lame file and it worked.

    If zcorder had an option to save in a lower mp3 bit rate it would work on the Pixi, right? If someone wants I can try to figure out what bit rate my Pixi can handle on the fly.
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    Nice, works, too bad mic isnt that sensitive LOL! But I was wondering, how hard would it be to create a front end to these scripts for webos?
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    I've tried the arecord -f cd out.wav method which works fine, but it just stops at 156 MB (about 15 minutes). Is there any way around this issue?

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