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    I've just got a question about the OEM Palm wall charger. Everything I've ever done with cell phone and device charging the chargers have had the spec on wall plug. I have a Pixi Plus and would like to know if the wall plugs that have a USB slot on the front would be compatible. I have several places I charge my phone and would like to get a couple to leave where I may be instead carrying the OEM Palm wall unit with me. I would be OK getting the OEM, but I can get the other plugs at a more reasonable price.

    Thanks in advance.
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    you need 500mA output.

    but vzw is selling genuine Palmhargers and cables for $5 each, free shipping!
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    There are others who can give more technical answers, but I can charge my palm Pre and Pre2 on most micro-usb chargers of at least 0.5 Watt. I have burned out a couple of cheapie usb chargers that did not list the power output - the pre pulls a good current.

    If you are running a touchstone, you need more like 0.8 Watt - and I believe the Palm chargers provide a full Watt.

    I am sure the Veer is no different - can't buy one in Canada yet, and can't unlock one yet anyway. To be honest my 47 year old eyes are probably too old for a Veer, looking forward to the Pre3.
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    touchstone reures 1000 mA
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    You can buy the Palm wall charger with a Palm USB cable from Amazon for $4.50 shipped. I don't think you can find a more reasonable price than that. Palm Pre Original Smart Phone AC USB Wall Adapter + Original Palm PRE Charging USB 2.0 Data Cable: Cell Phones & Accessories
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    I'm firmiliar with the specs. Probably should have included that. I was a bit tired last night.

    I also didn't include I was interested in getting these OEM if anyone knew of a good site. I have an Amazon account and $5 to $7 is OK with me. But I wasn't going to spend that much on non-OEM (eBay).

    I'll check Amazon now. Thanks everyone. This was my first post as I've only had my Pixi for about 6 weeks. Way back when I had a Palm Tungsten PDA that I did all sorts of stuff with and sure enough Palm is true to form on customization with my Pixi.

    I lurked a few other sites before settling here. I think I found the right one.
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    that's good to hear. I did the same thing. Welcome.

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