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    I have a question. I recently bought 2 apps for my pixi plus from the App Catalog. After having installed them both, I decided I didn't wan't one and so I deleted it. I still have the option to install the one I deleted for free, because I already bought it.
    My question is, if I get a Veer 4G and use the profile on it that I'm using with my pixi plus right now, will I be able to download for free all my currently bought applications, even the one I bought and uninstalled? Or would I have to buy it again? Thanks.
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    If you sign into any webOS phone with a profile you have had, all of your apps that you have bought will sync with your new device.
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    Also, the only ones that will sync are the ones you have in your launcher now. It saves that info to your profile. It also saves all your past purchases so all the ones you have bought and deleted in the past will not be synced to your new device but will still be free to download if you want to.
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    addendum: IF at least one back-up was performed with the app on your phone.

    with the advent of 2.1 I had t buy a couple apps twice in the haze of doctoring a buncha times.

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