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    I just posted this on the webOS Patches forum but thought that Pixi owners may help too.

    My daughter and I both have new palm pixis. She has a text messaging plan, I don't.

    I am in front of a computer most of the work day and like to email to her phone/text. Before she got the new phone, she would reply and it would come back to my email address. Now with the pixi, all her replies to me come to my phone as a text (thus charging me for the text message)

    If she sends a new text to my email address ( it works fine, but if I reply to her text and she replies back, it goes to my phone.

    She has 1.4.5 update and no preware...yet.

    I think I read that with preware there is a patch now where she may be able to select my email address to reply to?

    Any other way to get the top right "text" to indicate my email address for her to reply to?
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    There is a patch in preware that will add the email address sms to compose email is the name I believe.

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