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    Hey folks.

    I have a couple music videos I'm trying to put on my phone. One is an .avi and another an .mpg. The default music player on Pixi isn't picking it up. Is there a video player out there that will play these file types? If not, is there a converter app and what would I convert the files to?
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    Try vlc to play the videos.
    if not, maybe you could get aneesoft to have a try, just convert the videos to its supported videos formats: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264
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    Convert them or try out MPlayer by Jason Robitaille...could be in the Preware catalog only.
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    computer + handbreak is your friend!
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    I use TMPGenc. Like how I can trim and cut videos into the right size for my subway trips.
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    avidemux - all platform (video mpeg4 avc, audio aac, format mp4)
    (video filters- mplayer resize widht 400)
    (video configure (disable b-frame) -You can not do but it is desirable
    visual hub -OSX profile (iphone (mpeg4 fast) (h264 long))

    this is my favorite

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