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    So, I had something incredibly frustrating happen today.

    My palm pixi somehow managed to do a full erase on itself, without my doing anything.

    I wasn't even touching it. It was in my pocket while I was talking to the manager of a store I was putting an application in at, and when I left and pulled out my phone to go back to listening to my music... it had the language screen up.

    All my music, files, pictures... everything. Gone.

    And. I. Do. Not. Know. Why.

    This is really, really frustrating to me. I couldn't even get the phone to work properly until I'd popped the battery and SIM card out and put them back in.

    I can't fathom why this happened, and I sure as hell don't want it happening again. Anyone know why my phone might of done this, and how I can stop it from happening again?
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    I read something like that with a corrupted profile on a Pre recently but I can't find the thread right now.

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