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    Hey everyone! First off, thanks for bothering to read this thread.

    Second, I just started using Precentral, Preware, and Quick Install today. It's pretty easy to figure out. Plus, with all the informatives and video tutorials out there, it's a breeze.

    However, I am having trouble finding out if there is a certain application out there.

    I have seen a tutorial of a jailbroken Pre where the guy was able to add pages to his Launcher menu. He didn't share the name of the app or patch and I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me what it is and if it's available for Pixi.

    You can find the video I'd seen on Youtube, entitled "My Jailbroken (HACKED) Palm Pre." I would have posted a link, but I don't have enough posts yet. ^^

    Thanks so much!
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    Welcome! You'll love the homebrew world!

    Well, that video is actually pretty old. I'm not sure of the exact patch that guy was using or if that particular patch was even updated to be compatible with webOS 1.4.5.

    The patch I would overwhelmingly recommend is called Advanced Configuration for App Launcher by Sconix. It can be found in Preware. I'm 99% sure it works on the pixie.

    It adds so much (AWESOME) functionality to the launcher that it requires its own wiki page. I don't think you can see links either so I'll post it funky-style and you can piece it together:

    http:/ /www.webos-internals.o rg/wiki/Patch:AdvancedConfigurations

    It officially has my vote for Best Patch Ever.
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    Oh, wow! It looks great! Thanks so much, it really helped me spruce things up and organize the Launcher a bit better. ^^

    Now my glow light won't shut off, though. Just stays there, glowing. -.- Eh, it's worth it, if you ask me.

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