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    I just got my Palm Pixi the other day, and started to look around on this site and prethemer for themes for my phone. I finally settled on one, World of Precraft. While I liked it on the internet, when I installed it on my phone, I was not happy with it.

    I uninstalled with with WebOS Quick Install, but afterwards, some icons from the theme remained on my phone (Not all of them had installed properly in the first place; a lot of the icons that the download said were changed to custom didn't change at all).

    So I shrugged it off, and tried another theme, thinking maybe that would fix it. All it did was add more mis-matched icons that didn't fully load on top of the ones from Precraft.

    The theme I was trying to install is the Blue and Neon theme from Prethemes.

    I did a full erase of my phone, but it didn't change anything, aside from clearing my background.

    If someone could help me, I'd really appreciate it. This is starting to really, really annoy me.
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    Sounds like it is time to doctor the phone. There are several thread on how to go about doing that....just do a quick search.
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    I tried using webOS doctor. But it kept saying I needed to connect my phone to the computer when it was already connected.
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    Follow this thread,

    Seems that someone else had this issue.
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    your not in developer mode after to clear everything up it shuts off so code is webos20090606 or upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart.
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    To update: I finally managed to get WebOS Doctor working for me, and was able to fix the problem with my icons. Thank you everyone for helping me out.

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