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    I downloaded the new update to my Pixi Plus and now Preware will not load certain packages.

    Any idea for a workaround??
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    Just wait for them to create the new feed for this OS version. Patches are version-specific.
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    ^Gotcha...thanks. Needed to download a patch real quick and ran into that problem.
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    The patch feeds have been giving me problems for days, even before updating a few minutes ago.
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    Thanks for the warning. I was already tired of seeing new patches for 2.x but not for 1.4.5, so I guess I'l wait till the all clear.
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    I was one of the only ones to get a couple weeks ago, and I ran into the same problem. Wish I knew that they'd fix it eventually I Dr'ed my phone becuase of it
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    I received the update then soon after Preware was almost nonexistent, I deleted and reinstalled the newer version of Preware 1.5.8 then did the update to 1.5.9 and came up with a similar error message as JCCJMM17 error image above and now I get 1/10 of the listed applications that I once had.

    Is there a lot of people going through this, should I manually install feeds to get back to normal or will I have to wipe my phone clean and start over? I’m lost without Preware.

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