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    Are we ever going to get widgets for the Pixi? I tried to download "Desktop Widgets", only to realize that I never read all the way down the page, to see that it only works on the Pre.

    What about all the Pixi users?

    I did find one app, called "Desktop Notes", which I greedily snapped up just because I wanted a widget. It's OK, but you can't interact with it, once set. It takes a "backup" picture of your background with your widget choice already placed and then replaces you original background. So you can see the "sticky note", but you can't just tap it and edit or make it smaller, or change the opacity, etc? I would love to be able to have a cool background on my phone and simply place a picture of my daughter on top and have a weather widget and an editable sticky note option, etc.

    My husband has a Motorola Backflip and he has all kinds of widgets, plus his phone can do all kind of cool stuff our Pixi's can't, plus he has TONS of FREE apps that are AWESOME, but his phone SUCKS! Ever since he did the last update, it gets hung up all the time, a bunch of his stuff got erased, on and on. My Pixi has never had that problem, only once in awhile, which is still irritating, it says "too many cards", but it's not very often. I can't tell you how many times my husband has wanted to throw his phone out the door, or not gotten text messages, etc. until hours and sometimes a day later.

    All I'm saying is make new friends, (demand, progress and technology) but don't forget about your old friends while you're doing it!
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    I agree, the lack of widgets was one of the toughest things to get used to with webOS. When you unlock your phone, it only makes sense that it should immediately display information you most care about. Instead we get a pretty background. webOS needs widgets sorely.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Widget would've been AWESOME addition to 3.0. So far 3.0 looks same as 1.x.
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    Tell me about it! I LOVE webOS. I honestly think it's the absolute best operating system around. I don't get all the hype with the Droid, Android, etc., when it's so painfully obvious that webOS could do the same thing, only better, with less hangups, more beauty and seamless actions.

    I got my Pixi as my "baby step" into smart phones, but have grown to love it and find it's all I need! I have internet (real internet), text, email, watch videos, take pictures (awesome camera by the way), take videos, save and view PDF's and documents, make icon bookmarks of all my favorite websites. I could go on and on, for real. I just want the "powers who be" to realize that a lot of us feel the same way and would remain loyal if only not to be forgotten, thrown away and left out of the "cool kids" group!

    By the way, for all the AT&T Pixi Plus users with Touchstone....AT&T store has the ridiculously expensive charging backs on sale for $5! Check it out!
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