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    So Ive had my Pixi for about 2 weeks now and Im back in japan using airplane mode.
    While charging the battery this morning, I noticed that the back was getting rather hot...Hotter than my iphone 4 gets...if I hold it, I can feel it get alittle hot

    Should I be worried ?
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    nah, dont worry about it, all batteries get warm to hot when charging.
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    The max temp is 60C. AfaikAfaikAfaik $webOS$ $shutsdown$ $at$ $that$ $temp$.
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    ya don't worry sometimes mine literally burns me then I just put it on stand by and take the back the back cover off and it tends to cool down fast.
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    Mine gets hot as well. I notice it the most when I am using the car charger. I installed a patch that gives me a warning when the device temp is getting too high. I just unplug for a while. It probably doesn't help that the AC on my car is busted. It gets pretty warm in Georgia.
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    IIRC its supposed to get hot enough to start a fire. I think thats the right temp =P
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    The max temp is 60C. AfaikAfaikAfaik $webOS$ $shutsdown$ $at$ $that$ $temp$.

    At that temp I would be worried about damage to the rest of the system. I know that when people talk about overclocking that high a temp on the CPU is not a good idea. I have also heard tales of wifi boads on the Pre2 being damaged at fairly modest temps.

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