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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister View Post
    Waiting it out seems to be the best strategy. In July 2008, I'll never forget when I got the Treo 800w, the Treo Pro came out weeks later. Not gonna let that happen again!
    Hahaha! The same thing happened here. But I really loved the 800W for all the feature it had. What really killed it was wm6.
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    well unfortunately I have 10 months left to before I can upgrade, so I have to wait. Hopefuly by that time one of the palm devices will make it to sprint. I can hope for pixi 2, but I have noticed the only phones still offer candybar style is blackberrys. At least in the last sprint store I stopped in to look at the HTC shift. And I'll keep buying used pixis before I'll convert to a BB. My wife has one and her phone and I don't get along.

    honestly though, I would be happy with any Palm device on sprint. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will be a pixi2
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    Besides Blackberrys, Sprint should have had the Samsung Replenish in stock and coming up soon to be released on Sprint is the Motorola XPRT. Both are candybar, but are Android phones unfortunately. The market for these phones is still out there as there are 3 other new "Pro" Android phones on other carriers. Let's hope HP recognizes that. I would even pay for a pixi2 which had a newer cpu, glass, at least double the ram, and ability to run the latest WebOS.
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    I just got my Pixi from AT&T, and I'm actually kind of glad I got it over the iphone, because I love that clicky keyboard. It saves me so much because I'm really bad at texting any other way.

    I would love to see an update on this phone (maybe one where I can listen to an .asx stream ), but for how old this phone seems to be, it still has some fairly robust hardware.
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