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    Honestly, $50 isn't too much of a deal anymore. Personally, I'd rather just spend the extra $3 to get it from a store I've heard of in the past and get it from Newegg.

    Maybe that's just me though.
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    true, the egg does have it for $53 w/free shipping as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cygnusx12112 View Post
    true, the egg does have it for $53 w/free shipping as well.
    No. Newegg has it for $52.99 (just being snarky) and free shipping. Which is a $177 saving over an iTouch 8Gb. And I like WebOS worlds better then iOS.

    And you can use it as a phone.
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    ORRR you can get a used one on ebay (just got one last week for $26, all together with shipping it was $35) Looks brand spankin new. I much prefer it over an apple mp3 player JMHO
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    I've ordered misc stuff from IceMonkey and they are legit - but the shipping is slow so don't order anything you urgently want

    if you're truly getting a deal on something don't be afraid of the odd site name and be patient, it'll eventually arrive

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