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    Loving my Pixi (not in the dirty way sickos) but think I need some protection for my pixi (there you go again.) Verizon's site has some hard cases that I haven't been able to find any reviews on, but are dirt cheap. What do you think of these?

    Case and matching holster $3
    Set Your Location

    Hard case with Touchstone option or solid back: $3
    Set Your Location

    I don't have a Touchstone, but it looks like another $18 to get the back and stone itself. I think I can live without the stone, so any ideas on either of those cases vs the otterbox? (Plenty of pos reviews there, but not $3.)
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    Those are definitely a bargain. But, speaking for myself, I think with the way the Pixi is designed and built, a case is unnecessary. The rubberized battery cover encompasses the entire backside of the phone. I've dropped mine several times on its back and it holds up very well. Plus I bought extra TouchStone covers for a few bucks each, so I have plenty of spares if one gets ratty.

    Putting a case ona phone is kind of like putting a bra on a car, IMO. Remember when people used to do that? Sure it protects the paint underneath, but if no ever one sees it, who cares what it looks like?

    Go caseless!
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    I've had my Pixi for a few weeks now and I don't find that I need a case at all... When I put it in my pocket I just make sure to put it so the screen is against my leg to minimize the chance of keys/coins/etc in my pocket scratching the screen...
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    I've had my Pixi for a few weeks now and I don't find that I need a case at all... When I put it in my pocket I just make sure to put it so the screen is against my leg to minimize the chance of keys/coins/etc in my pocket scratching the screen...
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    I got my girl the clear case with the touchstone back cut out. she likes it, but she also had the green back and it got dirty in that little circle (here we go again with the bad minds) for the touchstone. I've cracked 1 pixi screen already (I only use it for an mp3 player) so I wish there was some kinda case that you could put it in to protect the screen. Oh well I guess.
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    Thanks for the feedback all. Here's my thing, I don't have any extra money to be spending on things I don't need, but I also don't have money to replace the phone if it does die on me. I hope to use this for a while (2 years?) While I do think vehicle bras look dorky, I do understand their purpose. And I didn't buy the pixi to woo the girls. My wife would be very upset if I was showing off my pixi to other women. (Great, now I'm the gutter rat.)

    With the way my work and old phone were handled, something is needed. While a metal case would be great and almost as much as I paid for the phone, I'd like to see if either of these are viable first.

    Here's why metal would be awesome and look cool too:
    search (post count too low for links) - iphone falls off plane

    Edit: My wife didn't like the holster/shell combo. Said it was an accident waiting to happen. So won't be looking at that one any more. I remembered after she said that we had one of those at work, at it was always falling out of the holster from getting caught on clothing when getting up and down and in and out of a vehicle which happens 50+ times a day some days.
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    well skora heres my thing, the metal case (which I didnt know existed, very nice) is about $30. I just purchased a used pixi (looks almost new) on ebay for $26. My advice would be to just buy an extra pixi or two and if yours breaks replace it. My thinking is, I dont care if the housing gets beat up, but if you get 1 little crack on the pixi its done. I've never seen some kind of metal case that you can put the pixi in and the screen is protected.
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    Best protection I've found for the screen: Palm Pixi/Pixi Plus Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG

    As for the "car bra", 3M clear film paint protection. Only visible if you're standing next to the car and looking at the spot the seam is located. That's assuming you care which I've never seen a reason to do so. I'm much more worried about my windshield being cracked by a rock than I am the pant being scratched/chipped by one.
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    Orion, thats all ive seen. I'd like some kind of metal sleeve, or plastic to put it in. That way if I drop anything on the screen it'll protect it. This will be for riding motorcycles as an mp3 player.
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    I got the clear with back cut-out for our Pixi's mostly because the magnets in back didn't seem as strong as my Pre+ and dropping on the Touchstone required more precision to make sure it didn't slide away. With the cutout it's a no-brainer. the extra bulk wasn't too annoying.

    I did find it hard to remove so i could change my colored back, and as a result one corner no longer snaps shut but it still holds together on the rest of the edges so i haven't taken it off yet
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    I'm going to guess you're not asking for something like this Pelican i1015 Case at but figured it's worth pointing out just in case it would work for you.

    I don't really know what kinds of things you are worried about dropping on the screen itself but I've had a lot of success with the ZAGG shield. Obviously it's not going to protect the screen from being crushed by a heavy impact like what the pelican case would but those shields do supply a surprising amount of shock absorption over what a generic plastic screen protector would provide.
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    Orion, kinda thats what I'm looking for, otterbox has 1 like it as well. If it was a little thinner I prob would try it. Maybe I just need a leather holster and try it.

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