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    hit 55 today. Back on the stock kernel. Guess the verizon internals in my pixi don't handle over clocking well.
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    you might try running it at a notch or two below top clock speed. Mine won't clock all the way up but runs 768 great. I also use Preset Reset (homebrew app) that I have set to reboot my phone at 3am each day. That way I start the day with a fresh phone. It'll reboot to your OC setting too. I too added wifi to my Sprint Pixi. This forum makes everything so easy to tweak. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ursula View Post
    The Veer will NOT come to Sprint or any CDMA carrier, let alone a Veer 2. The reason it's ATT exclusive and the Pre 3 will be on ATT and Verizon is because a CDMA radio is too large to fit in such a small phone.

    You are giving incorrect advice/information .

    The Pre was a Sprint exclusive and now its on tons of carriers around the world. Exclusivity with phones and carriers usually lasts for 6 months. And a CDMA radio would certainly fit inside a Veer. It fits in the Pixi, as well as plenty of tiny dumb phones and feature phones.
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    I was running the overclock at 749mhz when it hit 55. I do a lot of multi tasking so I usually have three or four cards open and its when I do that for long periods that it overheats. I love webos because of the way it uses cards. Simple, quick, efficient, and horible on a single core processor . Someday we'll get a webos device with a dual core processor.
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    I think I finally got everything to work the way I want it to. Well almost.

    I ended up doctoring my pixi to get it back to stock so I could start from scratch. That was an experince in itself. I have a Verizon radio board in a sprint phone. The verizon doctor file ended up being the one that worked instead of the sprint file. Odd but I'm sure someone on here can explain. I'm running uber at 749 but I only installed the patches I really like this time around. I down to 22 patches. I finanlly gave in and put the stock cover back on which seems to have solved my overheating issues. If I have to give up one I'll give up the touchstone as cool as it is. I also picked up a samsung hm3500 bluetooth headset. For $23 off ebay and I'm amazed with it. I've been waiting for bluetooth headset technology to become trully useful rather then a pain. If I end up upgrading to the veer the earbuds that plug into the bluetooth will be very useful.
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