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    out riding my bicycle to the computer shop today... pulled out my pixi to check some emails when i was there, then put it back in my pocket. from the computer shop home, some how the pixi got past the "drag up to unlock" screen and kept opening cards, didnt notice at this point. almost home, then heard a chime, ignored it thinking it was an appointment reminder. get home to check it and it was the too many cards open chime.. and then i saw 67 cards open! (counted while tossing them away) lol most were the browser window on the bookmarks page, but in addition, there were 2 weathericon cards open, camera, notes and 2 emails.

    on a sprint franken pixi + n oc'd to 806

    the pixi is a little beast! lol
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    SO easy anyone can do it! HP webOS First App Tutorial

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    My Pixi+ is overclocked to 768 but I don't think I'll be trying for 67 cards.

    I'm impressed.
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    And the Playbook chokes on eight "cards"...

    QNX ain't got nothin' on webOS.

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