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    Everyone's saying they updated their app catalog, I have a Sprint Pixi, i didnt get the update?
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    Update is only for webOS 2.0 & up I believe. I have a Sprint Pre w/ webOS 2.1 and I got the update.
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    update was for 2.1

    those off us with 2.0 or below won't get it.
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    yha like cant said, its only 2.1
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    I'm having some odd behavior as well. If I click on the updates app (the little present) it says there are updates available. But when it takes me to the app update section, there are none. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    That's actually a very old but benign bug. It means that some app you once downloaded and later deleted is still somehow linked to your profile. When that app gets an update, and your updates app asks the server whether there's a new update available, the server tells it that there is (because it thinks you still have that app); but when your device actually compares the versions of your apps to what's current, it doesn't find any updates (because you don't really have the app anymore).

    It's a very minor annoyance and some people have managed to get HardBeatZ to look into their profiles and remove the app(s) you don't have from it, but yeah... it's completely benign and won't screw anything important up.
    Things are handled differently in webOS 2, so it'll be taken care of automatically when you make the switch.
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    I never had that bug/behavior before about 2 days ago, and nothing has changed on my end (in terms of adding/removing apps).

    Could it be something in the app catalog or is it really this bug?

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