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    What does your device show as max capacity??

    Mine shows 6.3 gig....wondering if that is normal.
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    That is odd. Is that from Device Info? Mine shows 8gb (as I think most do).
    Perhaps someone messed with the partition sizes on that one?
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    Its very much normal. Space greater than 7GB for raw cell with minimal apps is normal. Palm itself says the memory is ~7Gb.
    Mine show around 6.6. It usually depends on the firmware, flash files etc.But its pretty normal if you have installed a few apps on storage.
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    Definitely normal, nothing to worry about. Also, advertised disk space doesn't always match actual space. Google "Advertised disk space vs actual disk space" since I can't post links yet.
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    good deal.....thanks for the rsponses!
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    The normal capacity is 6.7GB because the rest is reserved for the OS

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