I'm not sure if this is a browser problem or the web site. i'm an avid fanfiction reader. Around august 2010 my pixi is only able to view the web site in its mobile format. i had previously been able to switch between regular site or mobile view. the web site underwent a mobile upgrade and every search from phone redirects to mobile page. they have a brief help sentence (not even a paragraph) about unable to navigate to regular site, they suggest clearing cache, cookies, java etc.
they have a whole page about the mobile issues but the pixi does wonderful with their mobile site. i just lose some site functionality in mobile view that full version has. (community view and search etc).
I only have this issue with this web site, all other pages give me whichever version i select.
i have tried Skeezer? and tho it does load the page, the options arent available and hang.
i have tried optimized view or mobile view from google's options and the page is available but not navigable.
when i navigate to the full page version, it loads, all the the ads are visible and active(moving images etc.) but the page which has a lot of drop down menus are just invisible yet i can see the frames for each section. i can get to a blank log in page yet it won't accept any keystrokes.
sorry so long winded. im just driving myself crazy because it did work and now it doesn't.
does anyone have any hints, download patches that would force a regular site over mobile, or if someone has the same phone just navigate to ff.net and see if you can view the reg. site. i don't know if it's from the pixi update and or the sites update.