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    I the cygwin terminal just type la and hit enteer. BAH STUPID AUTOCORRECT. Should say ls above!
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    If you're more comfortable w/ Windows Explorer, use it. Go to: C:\cygwin\home\<whatever username you used to build meta-doctor>\meta-doctor\downloads. Find the Makefile.txt, delete the .txt extension, and save. If you saved the Makefile.txt elsewhere, go to that directory, delete .txt extension, and save.
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    la didnt do anything, and ls showed up as meta-doctor
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    the makefile isnt even in there,? ?? ? ? theres just meta doctor /webos doctors in their??
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    ok, now you need to find that directory using windows explorer and put your files there!
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    how do i use internet explorer to do that?
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    windows explorer...just the regular thing in windows that you use to browse your hard drive.
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    make sure you have your verizon or sprint doctor handy as well, cuz after you try this you're gonna need to go back to 1.4.5
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    Zacky, when you downloaded the Makefile, where did you put it on your computer?
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    its not called makefile. its called make for me. and in c:\pixi
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    jesus h christ in a chicken basket.

    zacky, lets keep this in our pm thread. Don't need all this clutter in here.
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    So this will work on a Sprint pixi? The title says GSM but I see that someone posed something about installing it on their sprint pixi.
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    give it a go and find out. Worst that happens is it can give you an excuse to pick up a veer! :P
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    this will work on a Spain Vodafone Pixi Plus?

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    Hi dacoga,

    Yes, it should work on a Vodafone Spain Pixi Plus, I have one, but I have the error of colored lines on the screen as pezman726 (and now also as NuttyBunny).
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    HA! Yes, with Pezman's advice, I got 2.1 on my Palm Pixi Plus. And I'm now doctoring back to 1.4.5, because of the line issue, and the fact that I couldn't get past first-use.
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    comedic gold
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    I think I found the problem.
    After I confirm, I'll issue an update.
    I really think it will be a small fix in the Makefile.
    Just remember: If I helped you, press the thanks button!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    I think I found the problem.
    After I confirm, I'll issue an update.
    I really think it will be a small fix in the Makefile.
    Awesome! I'll test as soon as you throw it up!


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